Vastu Tips For Your House To Boost Positive Energy

August 10, 2021

Home is where happiness begins, and hence it should be designed to give you utmost comfort. For a place to be called home, it needs to radiate the right kind of energy alongside its architecture and design. This is where Vastu Shastra comes into the picture. It involves ways to ensure that your home radiates good vibes.

What is Vastu Shastra?
Vastu Shastra is a traditional science of architectural practices in India. It is all about integrating your home’s basic architecture with the five natural elements, namely fire, sky, earth, air, and water. Vastu for the house translates to the science of architecture and describes the design and layout for your house that would best help maintain positive energy, physical and mental well-being, good relationships, financial prosperity, and more.

What is the Importance of Vastu Shastra for the Home?
Vastu Shastra explains that all the elements of this universe have a level of positive and negative energy in them. The concept works towards attracting positive energy, eliminating negativity and enhancing the way of living. While we all have heard about Vastu Shastra and most of us have even implemented Vastu tips for our homes into the architecture and design, some are still unaware of its benefits and importance. This article explains various applications of Vastu for the house and its benefits in the lives of people.

Elements & Dominant Directions
Vastu tips for the home make use of 5 elements – earth, water, fire, air, and sky. Together, these elements help maintain a balance to attract positive energy into your house. Each of these elements has a dominant direction which has been explained below:
1. Earth: Known to provide stability and patience, it dominates the central and diagonal directions in every corner.
2. Air: Known to bring fun and happiness, it dominates the east direction.
3. Sky: Known to bring cognitive energy and mental peace in the house, it is responsible for social energies. It dominates the west direction.
4. Fire: Known to bring confidence, money, and success in the lives of people living in the house; it dominates the south direction.
5. Water: Known to maintain good health and immunity, it dominates the north direction.

What are the Vastu Tips for Home?
Vastu for the house is followed to radiate the right kind of energy around you. Listed below are some ways of using these tips to enhance your living space and life.

1. Vastu Tips for Financial Prosperity of the Home
Some basic Vastu for the home to enhance your financial prosperity include: –

● The main door of the house is considered to bring in energies inside and hence you are advised to keep it clean and decorated. Doing this is said to attract wealth.

● The purple colour is believed to represent health and hence it is advised by Vastu experts to paint your walls purple. In case painting the walls is unmanageable, one can put up a money plant in a purple coloured pot as an alternative.
● Keeping your cash locker or almirah in the south or south-west direction of the house, which opens up to the north, is considered as one of the basic Vastu tips for the home for attracting wealth.
● To avoid financial loss, ensure there are no plumbing problems in the house.

2. Vastu Tips for Academic Growth
Some tips for academic growth according to Vastu shastra for the home:
●It is advised to place a sturdy table on the east or north side of the house to improve concentration while studying.
● Keep some space between your study table and the wall to ensure a free flow of energy.
● It is not a positive sign to have your study table under a beam or below a bathroom.
● Try placing your bookshelf in the East, North, or North-East corner of a room and make sure there is no reflection in the mirror. Having the same can increase the pressure of studies on the student.

3. Vastu Tips for Maintaining Good Health
Vastu Shastra for the house that can help maintain good health includes: –
● Sleep with your head towards the south for a sound sleep.
● The centre of the house should be left empty or should have little to no clutter. This ensures a free flow of energy.
● Place fire elements like candles or diyas in the south-east or north-west direction to maintain a balance of fire elements in the house and keep away from sickness.
● If any of your family members are unwell, keep a burning candle in their room for fast recovery.

4. Vastu Tips for Improving Relationships
Consider following these basic Vastu tips for the home to improve your relationships:

● Put up happy pictures of the family in the North-east direction of the house to bring happiness.
● Keep a white sandalwood statue at a place which is visible all the time to ease tension among family members.
● Place a wind chime with crystals in the bedroom to minimise fights and disagreement among family members.

5. General Vastu Shastra for the House
Other than specific implementations, there are several general Vastu shastra tips for the home that can be put to use in the design and layout of the house to attract positive energy. These include:
● Try to always keep the corners of the house lit with some kind of light. Whether it is natural or artificial, that is your choice.
● Try keeping the house free from any pest infestation as they can hinder financial growth.
● Place a Tulsi plant in the North-east of the house to bring in positive energies.
● Try not to keep a cactus in the house as it considered to bring negative energy. Any plant similar to a cactus can affect your health and relationships as well.
● Try to avoid the use of spiral staircases in the house as they invite negative energy.
● If you are facing trouble in finding a job, place a Kuber idol in the north direction to see the difference.
● Placing Lord Ganesha’s idol facing the entrance of the house ensures optimistic results in life.
● Try not to keep any non-working clocks, watches in the house.

Vastu shastra for the house helps bring in positive energy by circulating cheerfulness and vibrancy around you. By following these steps, we hope that you will be able to attain success, harmony, and peace in your life.

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