TVS Group Legacy

The TVS group, right from its inception, believed in its destiny of growth, success, and longevity. The method and integrity of conducting business is what sets TVS apart from the rest.

The company was born in 1911, thanks to the ambitious dreams of the founding father, Shri T V Sundaram Iyengar, who refused to settle managing smaller businesses like bus fleet operations or vehicle servicing. He wanted to build a business that would create a family of like-minded individuals pursuing only the best in quality and standards. And he made his dreams a reality.

The success of the TVS group is rooted in their founder’s personal belief system – a commitment to the values of trust and customer service. Although the company is named after the founder, the letters TVS have always stood for Trust, Value, and Service within the company.

Our Standards

We build eco-friendly homes that adhere to the best international standards. To us, quality has to be measurable and we are happy to showcase this through a stringent process of certification..

We are the first builder in India to get our homes certified by CONQUAS, The Construction Quality Assessment System from Singapore. CONQUAS is an international benchmark for top quality construction worldwide.

Green Homes

Green spaces

At TVS Emerald, we understand the importance of harmony between man and nature.

Our eco-friendly homes provide you with not just enough green cover for your lungs, we also use alternative energy and recycle and reuse to reduce our carbon footprint.

Rainwater harvesting

We make sure that not a drop of water is wasted. We have in place rainwater harvesting so that residents aren’t affected even in the driest months, thus ensuring water supply throughout the year.

Solar energy

We use solar panels in every development to generate electricity, especially to help maintain the common areas. Any excess power generated is sold back to the utility provider thereby resulting in lower utility costs for all. Living in eco-friendly housing built by us is wallet-friendly for you.


We collect all the biodegradable waste generated by residents and use them in composting pits, with worms that help decompose the waste. The vermicompost that we harvest from the waste is then used for our gardens and to help the greenery around our projects flourish. We do not use chemicals that pollute our green spaces.

High green cover

All our low-rise housing projects have as much as 60 percent of the area reserved for green cover. This way residents enjoy the look and feel of a resort within the complex. They also get extra lung protection in the heart of the city, so they can breathe clean air.

Zero-water discharge

No water is wasted in our housing complexes. We recycle and reuse the water after treating it. Our sewage treatment plants treat the grey water from baths and kitchen sinks for reuse in toilet flushes besides the landscaped gardens as also for other such activities.

Garbage segregation

We segregate garbage in all our housing complexes. Both bio-degradable and non-degradable waste is collected from residents and then separated. The biodegradable waste is converted into useful compost, while plastic and other such waste is sent to appropriate recycling centres.


Our homes are designed to suit your everyday needs. Our world class-architects have crafted these living spaces with care because we believe your deepest memories are those you create with your loved ones. We design our homes so thoughtfully that no two doors in any apartment open onto each other, offering complete privacy to all residents.

Top features

All areas in flood-resistant zones

Our sites are carefully and thoughtfully chosen. This means they are located away from areas prone to waterlogging during heavy rain, and at an elevation that will keep you and your family safe. We recognise that climate change can cause havoc and that your house should be as protected as can be.

Eco-friendly homes

We have only one planet Earth, so it’s up to us to take care of our environment. Our homes are built to encourage green living. We generate solar electricity, recycle water, segregate garbage and make our own compost. We stick to the principle of reduce, reuse and recycle where possible.

60 percent open spaces (excluding high-rise projects)

In almost all our projects, we have ensured that the green area is as much as 60 percent, giving residents cleaner air and a soothing green environment. This goes a long way in ensuring the feel of living away from the bustle of a city, despite being in the city. Your home is now your resort, so you can breathe freely and without worry.

Customisation of interior and decorative features

We understand that the tough part of moving into a new home is making the space liveable. It’s a time-consuming task, and to make it easier for you to settle in quickly, we work with vendors to hand you a home with the interiors done to your needs, be they cupboards or light fixtures. It helps you come to a move-ready home.

Home automation services offered

As more people spend time away from home, we want to ensure that your time at home is filled with memorable experiences, not cumbersome ones. We help you automate your home, so you can use the internet to make your home a smarter one that works for you, even while you are away.

Vaastu compliant

We understand that several of our homeowners believe in the ancient science of Vaastu shastra. Our homes are designed according to the principles laid in this valued text, so residents enjoy prosperity and well-being in our thoughtfully-designed homes.

Brand Value Proposition


To develop townships and self-sustaining communities.

Our offer to Customers

  • Thoughtfully designed living spaces.
  • In well-connected townships.
  • Part of a community they are proud of.


To transform the way the middle class live in urban India.

Corporate Responsibility

Srinivasan Services Trust

We are the social arm of TVS Motor Company and Sundaram Clayton. We work with communities and governments to empower India’s rural poor through awareness, skills and training programs.

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