Worried about the air quality inside your home? Try these simple solutions

October 12, 2022

One of the biggest problems faced by people these days, especially in big cities and Metros, is the poor quality of the air we breathe. Every year, there are news reports about smog and hazardous levels of pollutants in the air, which cause many health problems. The air quality becomes a bigger concern if you have small children, asthma patients or the elderly at home. So, how do you improve the quality of air indoors, while not much can be done about it outdoors? Here are some simple measures:

Avoid using pollutants

When you talk about air pollutants at home, the first thing you think about is smoking. That, of course, is a major pollutant, but did you know that a lot of other household items, too, deteriorate the quality of the air we breathe? Yes, items like glass cleaners, air fresheners, bleach, and cleaning sprays contain harmful chemicals that linger in the air for a long time. 

Control allergens 

Air pollutants needn’t always come from outside. They could be present in your house in the form of dust, pet dander and dust mites. So, make sure to keep your house clean at all times. These allergens could trigger a series of problems from skin rashes to runny nose and watery eyes. Also, reduce the dampness indoors, especially during the monsoon. This can also cause health issues like cough and asthma. 

Use a good air purifier

The easiest way to improve the air quality at home is by installing a good air purifier. Many brands of air purifiers are available in the market. Choose an efficient one that suits your needs and budget. The only thing you have to remember is to change the filter once it gets clogged with all the dust it captures. 

Improve ventilation and use indoor plants.  

This is the cheapest way to improve indoor air quality. Let there be proper air circulation inside your house. So, keep your windows open (as long as the outside air is not extremely polluted) as much as possible. Another good idea is to get some indoor plants. They not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, but are also a good way of cleansing the air. Aloe vera, snake plant, money plant and basil are among the air-purifying plants.

Reduce the use of scented items

Scented candles, air fresheners and diffusers may smell divine, but they can actually hamper the air quality of your home. Many of them contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like benzene, formaldehyde and toluene, which can cause health hazards like headaches and irritation in the eye. So, don’t use them at all if possible.  

These are some of the easiest ways to improve your house’s air quality. Follow at least some of these tips and then breathe easy, literally!

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