From making to investing in homes – Here’s how Women are taking the leap

March 9, 2023

As we evolve as societies, we are reaching gender-equal scenarios. The roles are changing, and a part of that is women climbing career ladders, and meeting more and more professional success. These successful women hold more money and status, widening more avenues to spend. The wealth created from this wave of economic participation is empowering more women to invest in real estate and not just be spectators. Owning a house becomes a natural direction to give them and their families a foundation and preserve wealth. Let’s take a look at this trend’s financial, logical, and lifestyle drivers.

A home is a base for life / A collection of memories 

A home is a tangible asset and there is immense power in an asset that one can look at, touch, and use daily. It can be an investment in terms of renting it out besides residing in it. It offers physical & even psychological safety looking at its financial aspect of appreciation. With property markets becoming more and more lucrative in pockets of the city and the country, it makes sense to invest in real estate. Modern-day women are taking note of this fact and taking that leap into investing early in their life. 

Women get homeowner incentives

The Government and banks are making policies keeping women at the focal point. As an effect, more women are buying homes as independent owners, enhancing their role in influencing a family’s choice of residence. As per the ANAROCK consumer sentiment survey, the percentage of women investing in real estate has risen by 2% from the previous years. 64% of women aspire to invest in Real Estate. When the property is owned in a woman’s name, the lower interest rates, stamp duty rates, registration charges and taxes add to this aspiration. Banks and few states have this provision. For example, in Maharashtra, the stamp duty is 1% less if a property is registered in a woman’s name than a man’s. Similarly in Delhi, women pay 4% stamp duty as compared to 6% for men. 

Financial diversification & independence

Mutual funds investing in stocks and debt, gold, and real estate are considered classic investments. After a few years of investing in mutual funds and gold, wanting to diversify is natural. Real estate has hedging properties developing different urban areas. It also performs well over the long term in terms of capital appreciation and rental income and offers tax benefits. While gazillion factors affect market volatility, real estate investments remain an underappreciated asset class. 

Women are cognizant of these technicalities and find real estate investments a crucial step towards financial stability. 

Imagine sitting on the balcony of your house that you can proudly call ‘your own home’! It is undoubtedly a proud and satisfying feeling when you open the doors to your earthy investment. While financial literacy is growing by the day, women are adding to their financial freedom with varieties of real estate investments-plots, flats and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

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