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Rainwater Harvesting

We use rainwater harvesting to conserve water as well as rejuvenate open wells to supply clean water for the community.

Solar Energy

We use solar panels in every development to make electricity, used for maintaining the common areas. Any excess power that we produce is sold back to the utility provider ensuring lower costs for all.

High Green Cover

All our low-rise projects have as much as 60 percent of the area reserved for green cover. This means residents enjoy the look and feel of a resort within the complex and get extra lung protection in the heart of the city – the natural, clean way.


We collect all the biodegradable waste generated by residents and use them in composting pits with worms, that help decompose waste. The vermicompost harvested from this is then used in our gardens and helps fertilise the green area in our projects.

Zero Water Discharge

No water is wasted in our complexes. We recycle and reuse the water after treating it. Our sewage treatment plants treat the grey water from baths and kitchen sinks so it can be reused in toilet flushes and for gardening and other such activities.

Garbage Segregation

We segregate garbage at all our complexes. Both bio-degradable and non-degradable waste is collected and separated. The biodegradable waste is converted into useful compost, while plastic and other such waste is sent to appropriate recycling centres.


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