TVS Emerald Design

All projects in flood resistant zones

Our sites are carefully and thoughtfully chosen. This means they are located away from areas prone to water-logging during heavy rain.

They are also at an elevation that will keep you and your family safe.

Eco-friendly Homes

We have only one planet Earth, so it is for us to take care of our environment. Our homes are built to ensure residents use resources judiciously.

We generate solar electricity, recycle water, segregate garbage and make our own compost. We stick to the principle of reduce, reuse and recycle where possible.

60 percent open spaces

(excluding high-rise projects)

In almost all our projects, we have ensured that the green area is as much as 60 percent, giving residents cleaner air and a soothing green environment.

This goes a long way in ensuring the feel of living away from the bustle of a city, despite being in the city. Your home is now your resort.

Custom interiors

We understand that the tough part of moving into a new home is making the space livable.

It’s a time consuming task, and to make it easier for your to settle in quickly, we work with vendors to hand you a home with the interiors done to your needs, be they cupboards or light fixtures.

It helps you come to a ready-to-move home.

Home automation services

As you spend time at home and away, we want to ensure that your time at home is filled with easy experiences, not cumbersome ones.

We will help you automate your home. You can use the internet to make your home a smarter one that works for you, even while you are away.

Vaastu compliant

We understand that several of our home owners believe in the ancient science of Vaastu Shastra.

Our homes are designed according to the principles laid in this valued text. Residents enjoy prosperity and well-being in our thoughtfully designed homes.


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